Iraada Kuch Aur Tha

Date : Sun, 10 Sep 2017
Time : 7:30 PM

About the Event

(Hindi/45mins) Krishnakant Chaturvedi is a respected university lecturer, who is trying to recall and process the violent restraints that he carried out as a young social worker. How does he reconcile it with who he is today, and the sort of person he thought he was? As he begins telling his story, he is visited by spirits from other worlds, other places, other times - they have come looking for reflections of their own stories. Among these spirits is Hannah Arendt, Adolf Eichmann, The Child and Jhilmil. The play takes the audience on a journey to understand the capacity to commit evil that lies within even the most incorruptible idealist, and the processes that are part of this transition. Tickets at Rs.600, Rs.400 & Rs.200 available at the Programmes Desk, Habitat World, IHC. An Old World Culture Presentation

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