Fly By Night - Old World Theatre Festival 2017

Date : Sun, 8 Oct 2017
Time : 7:30 PM

About the Event

Old World Theatre Festival 2017. Fly By Night (Eng/70mins) Dirs. Rachel D'souza & Puja Sarup. In a crazy overwhelming city, there is a tiny cafe run by Aunty. When life gets a little too much to handle all you have to do is go and visit her, and she will take care of the rest. With her special band of "movers" Aunty can move you out of your terrible life and place you somewhere far far away. Tickets at Rs.600, Rs.400 and Rs.250 available online & at the Programmes desk, Habitat World, IHC. An Old World Culture Presentation. Venue: The Stein Auditorium

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